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DVD Authoring
DVD Duplication

Digital Files from Video Tape and Compression

If you are wanting to work from archive video tape we can capture this into a digital file format that will work with modern editing software. We are able to play out from a number of formats including miniDV, DVCam, VHS and 8mm video tape and can also work with 8mm cine films. Capture format is .mov which can be encoded to MP4. Please call us to discuss your project requirements. For domestic video tape digitisation and DVDs please visit Video Transfers.

DVD Authoring

Create stylish menus and chapters for your production. Includes compression to MPEG2 (DVD format), authoring and burning to DVD.

DVD Duplication

BVP offer duplication of DVD-R (DVD+R by arrangement) discs. Various packaging options available and discount for quantity. Please call for a quote. Please note we cannot copy commercially produced DVDs. If you are unsure what type of DVD you have please refer to the packaging or the original producer. We cannot copy DVDs that were pressed/replicated rather than burned (DVDs are usually only pressed when produced in large quantities).

For domestic video to DVD please visit Video Transfers.

Video Problem Solving

If you are confused by anything video related we may be able to help. Give us a call and we will see what we can do.


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