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Convert Video Tapes to Digital


All video tape digitization is carried out in-house and encoded to give you the best results from your original footage.

Digital Files 

We encode your videos to MP4. The files will be supplied on a high quality USB3 memory stick and are suitable for home editing, playback, sharing and uploading. Files will be numbered, named and copies kept as back up by us for one month. (We also have a budget - please ask for details.)


We also convert video tapes to DVD. Please note DVDs are not suitable for editing. You also have the option of having additional MP4 files supplied on USB.

Video Tape Formats

We can handle most video tape formats (see list below). It is also possible for us to create MP4 files (digital files) from burned DVDs (not commercially produced).

For costs and advice please call 01737 245404

Tapes we transfer:-

VHS, VHSC, SVHS, SVHSC, 8mm camcorder tapes, Hi8mm camcorder tapes, miniDV, home movies, DVCam and HDV.

Not sure what sort of tape you've got? Have one to hand when you ring and we'll advise.

Please note we do not transfer NTSC standard tapes (from America and Japan).

See also editing if you are looking for a compilation of specific scenes.

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