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Standard & Super 8mm Films

ProjectorOf all the different media we convert vintage cine films are the most enduring. Films as far back as the 1960s (and even 1950s) can still have amazing colour, charm and of course irreplaceable memories.

BVP have specialised in cine film transfers from standard 8mm and super 8mm cine film (sound and silent cine film) for years. All our cine film conversions are carried out in-house using high-end digital techniques, so you may be assured of a personal and professional service.

You may have your films transferred to USB stick as MP4 files or DVD.

Please call us on 01737 245404 for advice and information about how to proceed. Find details of our location here.

50ft film If you would like an estimate of how much it will cost to digitise your cine films, it would be helpful if you knew how many reels of cine film you have and their size. The small reels (pictured) are 50ft, larger reels of film usually have a scale on them in feet (and sometimes metres) - we would need to know how many feet of film there is on the reel.

Samples of 8mm cine film transfer.


BVP have produced historical programmes using archive film footage.


We also convert VHS, miniDV, 8mm tapes, Hi8 and other camcorder tapes to digital and DVD.

You may wish to have your cine films edited. The first step is transfer then editing ...

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